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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Convey?

Convey is a service which helps you keep your Twitter activity when you’re too busy for it or offline. It takes the most popular tweets from your timeline and reposts them to your timeline on your behalf automatically. Technically it looks like a new entry with a backlink to original.

2. So I have to turn it on or what?

Yes. There are times when you want Convey running and when you don’t, for example when you want to play with your settings and posting rules. There’s a big blue button “Run Convey” at the top of your Settings page. It’ll turn on Convey and start posting your automatic tweets.

3. What means “automatically posts tweets”?

It actually means that tweets will get posted without any of your actions. You just set up tweets number (HOW MANY tweets will be posted each day), tweets sources (WHAT will be posted to your timeline) and schedule (WHEN those will be posted to your timeline) and Convey will automatically post them to your timeline.

4. What means “posts on your behalf”?

It means that these automatic tweets will be posted under your name and will look just like as if it was you who posted those tweets, not some retweeting service. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that Convey steals your Twitter account or something - Twitter API totally allows posting for a third-party app. You can read about these regulations here.

5. How do I know what tweets will be posted?

Actually, you don’t.. Let us explain - you specify certain tweets sources (e.g. where exactly should Convey search for popular and engaging tweets) and then our service looks for updates from these sources. Say, you indicated @cnnbrk as one of the sources for your tweets. That means, that when this user creates an engaging tweet, Convey will find it and repost it into your timeline.

6. Ok then which “tweets sources” are available?

For now there are three sources available:

  1. Your Newsfeed: Convey will scan the timelines of all people and accounts you follow to find their most engaging tweets. A good tip is to have more people to follow so that there are guaranteed updates in your source (some people just don’t tweet that much). If you don't want to get reposts from certain people you follow, or tweets with inappropriate hashtags, specify them in Blacklist.

  2. @users and #hashtags from your newsfeed - You can tell Convey to scan only timelines of certain users you follow, or search only for popular tweets with certain hashtags which appear in your newsfeed. This is useful, when you only want some special kind of tweets reposted to your timeline.

  3. Any @user or #hashtag - The same applies here, only this time you can specify any Twitter @user or #hashtag and not be limited to your newsfeed. This feature is available for Pro users only. You know what? Go try it now with our free 7-day trial .

7. What’s the difference between Simple and Advanced scheduling?

In Simple you can only indicate the quantity of tweets and the timespan when they will be posted. For example, you tell Convey to post 5 tweets each day and indicate timing “13:00 to 18:00” as you feel (or know for sure ;)) that this is your prime time. Convey will automatically distribute these 5 tweets within this timeframe.

Advanced scheduling gives you more freedom - you can distribute your tweets (up to fifty this time) through 4 main time intervals, which gives you more accurate targeting. This is a Pro feature.

In both cases don’t forget to set up your time zone (automatic detection is not always precise).

8. “Automagically distribute tweets”, really?

Yes, really! )) We’ve created an Intelligent scheduler to help you distribute your tweets automatically. Convey searches for the most popular tweets in your timeline and analyzes them for your audience activity. Based on that info, we show you the estimated best timings for posting your tweets, i.e. the exact times, when your autoposted tweets may gain the most engagement possible.

As your feed evolves, there might be significant changes to your audiences and engagement timings. You can use Intelligent scheduler once a day to calculate them again.

9. Can Convey help me with my promotion?

First, Convey will help you with stuffing up your feed. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with posts just to keep your timeline running - Convey will automatically fill your feed with relevant and engaging tweets, nice as that!

Second, the right content attracts the right audience. You configure your sources and tell Convey what you’re interested in and get appropriate posts which will attract the appropriate audience.

Third, the right timing means a lot - Convey Intelligent Scheduler tells you when it’s your prime time and advises you to post at the best timing so that more people could reach your content.

We truly believe that this will significantly pump up your the audience. But we won’t lie - you’ll have to do a good job prior to getting the benefits from Convey: we recommend that you really think upon your sources and correct them from time to time (and we’ll help you with that with our upcoming analytics feature).

10. Is it free?

Yes, there is a Basic free plan. Of course it has it’s limitations, but it for sure allows you to boost up your Twitter stream and helps you post engaging tweets. Feel comfortable using Basic? Cool, that makes us happy!

11. How is Pro Plan beneficial?

It unlocks some extra options and allows you to:

  • Increase the number of your automatically posted tweets up to 50;
  • Choose any @user or #hashtag all over the Twitterland as your source;
  • Get your stats (and we’re working on a full-featured analytics, wait for it);
  • Not get a #c0nvey hashtags in your automatic tweets;
  • Even more features coming soon!

As usual, feel free to contact us and tell us if we’re missing something.

12. How can I learn a bit more about Convey Pro?

Our Free 7-day Trial will give you full access to all the benefits and features of Convey Pro. After the 7-day trial you will have the option to either upgrade to Convey Pro or stay at Convey Basic:) You will definitely not be automatically upgraded.

As a tip, we recommend you to not wait and upgrade as soon as your trial ends, so that you can save all your data (like vital stats and some data for your tweets) and not start over again. If you have any questions or ideas throughout the Trial, do let us know!

13. Ok, take my money, how do I pay to get a Pro plan? Is it safe?

Right now we’re using the 2checkout payment gateway to process your payments. It provides a plethora of methods to pay, including PayPal (if this is your preferred method of payment, be sure to check out our guide on paying with PayPal via 2Checkout). After you enter your data and hit “Submit Payment”, you’re already Pro! Your payment will be auto-renewed each year (or month, if you have chosen monthly payment) untill cancelled.

If you are experiencing any issues with payments, please DO contact our support to solve it as soon as possible.

14. How can I turn my Convey Pro account off?

You can easily disable your Convey Pro account any time you want. To do this please go to your personal account tab. There you have to click "Disable Pro account" button. That's it — at the moment your Convey Pro account will be disabled permanently.

15. Can I connect my other social networks to Convey?

At the moment Convey works only with Twitter and for now it allows to use only one account. We plan on adding multiaccounts a bit later.

Btw, you can mail us or chat with us to let us know if your interested in this feature and how do you plan on using it. This would be great!

16. Can I schedule my (own) tweets in Convey?

At this moment there is no such functionality and for now we do not plan on adding it. Our primary focus is automation.

But again, give us a shout if you feel that this is an essential feature that we’re missing.

17. Why Convey tweets are marked with #c0nvey hashtag?

This hashtag is added to each automatic tweet in Basic plan. If you’re really disturbed by it - consider changing your plan.

18. How can I turn off Convey?

As we said earlier, it’s not necessary to delete your Convey account to stop autoposting tweets, you just push the “Stop posting” button, and that’s it)) So that when you get back to Convey, all your data will be safe.

19. Why do we mention authors with # instead of @ in tweets?

We replace the symbol @ with # when we mention the author of the tweet we post to your timeline. That is due to Twitter service considers mass mentioning as a spam.

Please, leave us your feedback if something went wrong. Mail us at [email protected]. Any of your thoughts can help us make Convey better for you.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas via E-mail, contact us on Twitter or check our Website !